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I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now. My holiday to Mexico is what inspired me to blog really. I wanted to document my experiences in a way I could look back in a few years laugh, cry and maybe have a bit of nostalgia.

My schedule has been crazy since I got back. I Have travelled again, tried to plan another holiday, been testing out products and items and working its all a blur.It has been  been a few months since and in the middle of a hot English summer bank holiday I decided to try and write about my journey to Mexico. In all honesty I regret not writing this sooner as I feel I might have forgotten all that I did while I was out there. There is nothing quite like writing while you are in the moment. So this is me trying to articulate and express my journey to Mexico like it was yesterday.

I always planned to travel a lot more and I decided to start my adventures this year in Mexico and celebrate valentine’s day while I was out there too.

It was a last-minute holiday and we booked it a few weeks before  Valentines. Nick and i  decided we wanted a quiet getaway and we chose to go to Mexico.

We stayed at the Secrets Akumal  Riviera Maya, an adult only hotel. and I can honestly say it was the best decision, We had such a good time out there. The food was amazing and the people and staff were lovely too.

The layout of the hotel was incredible they had a lot of space and pools dotted around everywhere. I literally had a whole pool to myself for the whole time i was there which was nice. The grounds were meticulously maintained with their own  private beach that was a 3-minute walk with snorkelling facilities available so you could swim with the sea turtles. Everything was very private and so relaxing I literally didn’t want to leave

For the first couple of days i mooched around by the pool and did a bit of reading but the little explorer in me wanted to see the rest of Mexico. So we booked a few day and night trips.

 We visited the world-famous Coco Bongos in playa del Carmen and it is as good as it looks!  The acts were amazing and the atmosphere in the club was insane. The performers really did put their heart and soul into every performance amazing isn’t the word. It is a must see and if your are planning on going I would recommend gold/VIP tickets. The queues to get in are very long and the club gets very packed. We were lucky we had a heads up from friends who had already been so we booked gold.

During one of our day trips we went to a place called Explore. It was an activities centre where you could drive through the jungle, swim through some caves  and  Zip line. Zip lining was definetly  one of the highlights of my holiday. It was so exhilherating and having never done anything like that in my life i must admit i was afraid, but coming out the other side felt so good. It made me think no matter how afraid you are if you have the right intentions go for it the feeling of achievement will far out way your fears and it will all be worth it.

Finally for a bit of culture and to see a little snippet of Mexico’s history we went to the world famous Chichen Itza. This was a massive complex of Mayan ruins with a massive and very impressive stepped pyramid known as the El Castillo right at the heart of it. Just going to this place makes you wonder how on earth they ever managed to create such buildings all that time ago.

On our last day we visited a few stalls in the local town and bought gifts for our friends and family. We stuck to our little tradition and  bought a little mexican mascot, a little tiger called Peso. he serves as a  little reminder of our  trip and all the fun we had.

We took as many pictures as we could and our album is bursting with memories that mean a lot to us. Below are a few of our favourites.  A big shout out to Secret Hotels you have become our favourite hotel chain! we have searched high and low for more of your chains worldwide any chance we could have one in Vietnam ? ha-ha.

As you have already guessed vietnam is on our places to go to one day  but if you could pick one place to go where would you go and why ?

For more information on secret hotels check out

and to see what coco bongo is like check them outHERE

Peace and love

Nick, Bella and Peso.


Mexico bella






Dinner on the beach probably the best veal I've had ever !

little mud huts at chit chen

mayan temple

Mexico bella





Mexico bella


Watching the sunrise



  1. September 13, 2016 / 1:56 pm

    Ahhhh this takes me back to such a long time ago when I went and absolutely loved it! Coco bongo was amazing and I also went to an adventure park but cannot for the life of me remember the name! Looks like you had an amazing time though Hun xx

    Shannon //

    • Bella
      September 14, 2016 / 12:29 pm

      its such a lovely place i had my heart set on going somewhere else but when we got to mexico i fell inlove ! the food, people i miss it lol

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